The Rapping Politician

I’ve been a pretty artsy person for as long as I can remember. I could never sacrifice one thing that I loved for another. The reason why I discovered that I had so many hobbies was because I didn’t have many friends growing up. I was often inside and alone. My big sister is five years older than me, so she had friends to hang out with instead of being with her little sister. I was always a little strange though because I was interested in activities that people would find lame or weird. I grew watching anime and I remember I wanted to be a super saiyan. I know DBZ isn’t the most feminine anime in the world, but I enjoyed it. I looked up to Goku because of his purity and his desire to save the world at all costs. I know that is a little off topic, but I felt the need to say that. Anyway after I realized that my interests were not like the interests of my peers, I began finding even more activities that occupied my time. My big sister and her friends wanted to start a girl group in high school and i was in middle school. They were bout to graduate and I was in sixth grade. I remember they were working on a song and they had a few verses, but then they got writer’s block. I was listening to them struggle and I decided to write a little rap based off of how I was feeling that day. They didn’t want me to participate, but I went to them with my rap and I told them that it’s not the best, but it’s pretty good for my first time. My mom was in there and she laughed and told them to let me give it a shot. My rap was about a boy in middle school who thought he broke my heart, but in the rap I let him know that he wasn’t as big a deal as he thought. Since then, I’ve been growing as a rapper. As time went by, my “nerdiness” couldn’t help but show through my raps. In high school I wasn’t having the best luck fitting in, so I wrote a rap expressing my pain to God. I was a junior in high school and I performed a cover to Kendrick Lamar’s “Don’t Kill my Vibe.” I cried when I wrote because every rap that I write is true and literally what was on my heart at the time. I continued to write as though I was writing speeches and today my style has developed once again. I covered Kendrick Lamar’s (I love Kendrick Lamar if you couldn’t tell) Humble recently and somehow as I was writing my feelings in regard to politics just took over. I published it on SoundClick, SoundCloud, and YouTubev-for-vendetta-v-for-vendetta-34020686-1280-800Humble (Political Cover) under my alias “Lala Renee,” and hopefully while I’m in DC I will make a music video for it. I have no idea how this side of me will affect my career in the future, but I do know that rapping should not be some sort of taboo in regard to being a politician. Rapping is like reciting poetry and that’s basically what I do because I do not curse in any of my raps. They’re all well written and understandable. I hope that one day I can be that rapping politician who inspires the youth to make them see that you can still be intelligent and be a rapper.


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