ISIS: U.S. Government Creation?

image1So I am convinced that ISIS could have been somewhat partially created by the U.S. government under President Barack Obama’s administration. This thought came to mind because one day I was watching Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin on YouTube and we was answering questions the video is here -> Putin Tells Who Really Created ISIS

I was also informed that while the U.S. may not have made ISIS directly, their meddling with the middle east places some of the blame on them for causing individuals to form ISIS.

With all that is going on with the current investigation in regard to Russia, Comey, Sessions, and President Trump, I just find it odd that the media is really trying to keep sort of a negative distance from Russia. I honestly do not believe that the Russians had anything to do with the election. While we’ve had bad relations with Russia in the past, currently Russia’s president seems to be too bold to sugarcoat or lie about anything he says. When I was watching the video I noticed his demeanor which was extremely calm and normal. It’s as though he was just having a regular conversation about something that was not a big deal as if he was just saying something others already knew, but was afraid to say. So, why should we trust his words? Well, he isn’t the only person that has said ISIS was created by the United States government. I just revamped my twitter and changed my name to The Anomalous Heroine (you should definitely follow me on twitter so click the link if you’d like). The tweet that I have pinned to my profile is from CNN Breaking News which gives an article talking about how Iran’s Supreme leader calls out the U.S., like Putin, for creating ISIS and causing problems in the middle east. I have yet to do more research, but I bet these two individuals aren’t the only ones who believe this. What really got me thinking that ISIS was U.S. created was an article talking about many (fully functional) U.S. weapons were just lying around and ISIS just picked them up and KEPT them. That just seems a bit odd to me that U.S. government weapons would just be “coincidentally” left behind in an area where ISIS could just snatch them up. In my opinion, I believe those weapons were gifts. I will most probably write more about this, but what are your thoughts and also you can go read the article about the Iranian leader by going to my profile or CNN Breaking News.


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