What is a good topic to blog about?

So I’m still learning about blogging and what I’ve decided is that I want to make blogs that are completely factual. I get lazy and I sometimes become opinionated, but I seriously want to get better at this because blogging has so many benefits. It improves my writing ability and it causes me to think deeper. The only problem is that I am not sure how my thoughts will be judged. I do not want to blog about topics that purposefully cause division just for views or comments. I also do not want to sugarcoat issues just to get people to follow me. Blogging is hard and I was honestly afraid of starting this up because I thought that maybe it would be a waste of time. Blogging allows a person to express themselves and that is what I am doing. Sometimes doubt deep down within in me hopes that no one will ever read my posts because they may hate how I write or have a hateful comment. I have realized that I should not care what they feel about my self-expression. I have the right to write (ha) whatever I want and it really makes me wonder just how many people would actually jump on board with me?


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