Never be Afraid to be Different

Golden Egg. Difference / uniqueness concept imageI used to think being different was a bad thing. I would try to fit in with the crowd and try my hardest to be something that I was not. Luckily my following days were only in middle school and I am so glad I was able to break free and never look back at a young age. It was difficult at first because no one really related to me and so I was often alone. (See my blog about being content with being alone )

I was not content at first and took some time for me to find happiness, but I do remember that when I dared to be different good things would always happen to me. I did what I believed was right and focused on what I loved instead of fitting a stereotype. I remember in middle school I tried to listen to rap music because that is what everyone was listening to.  I wasn’t really a fan, but that’s what was in. I often found myself thinking about the music that I actually liked which was rock music and then started to find individuals who listened to that type of music. It was weird that the those who listened to rock music did not accept me because I didn’t fit their stereotype. I was “supposed” to like and listen to rap music. When I tried to listen to rock music among the group that I was “actually supposed” to be with, they said I was not listening to the right music. So, both groups supported the stereotypes and I did not. Thus, I was left alone. I was little hurt, but more so confused because I did not understand their reasoning as to why I couldn’t listen to rock music. When I embraced what I loved and started to ignoring their judgement, I began to find out more about myself and what actually fit me. I was able to explore and find multiple hobbies that other people were not interested in because it did not fit their stereotype. I began acting and found an outlet for me to be myself. I received numerous awards for letting my “different” show. I always laugh on the inside because I realized that people thought I was acting when I was well acting. I was not. Ha. I was being my actual self and it turned out that stereotypes do not exist when you’re a character. It is entertainment and so no one cares about the real person, only the character.

After I stopped formally acting, I began to be exactly who I was as a character, which was myself, and to my surprise people left me alone once again. I wondered why were they so accepting when I was the same person when I was acting that I am now?

Fast forward to the present (I acted in high school), and I’m a college student who loves being different. I have realized people are afraid of different because those who dare to be different go on to do great things. Individuals who want to stick to a stereotype have trouble being different because they’ve allowed themselves to accept being followers even though they’d like to be leading. In other words they have trouble standing out because they feel like they’re not smart or talented or eye-catching enough. They become jealous of individuals who are good at being “different” because they want to be good at something too. I never meant to make anyone feel bad because I simply like being different because I am comfortable doing what I love. The stereotype peeps on the other hand will try to keep you from being different because they want what you have, yet they know they’ll never be your kind of different. Abraham Lincoln, JFK, and MLK were “different” leaders and look what happened. They ended up changing the world for the better and even though the jealous individuals ended their lives, their legacy lived on and has inspired more people to be “different.” Stay different and change the way society thinks today. The “different” that I am talking about is a way to bring love, peace, and acceptance into a society that does not want to lay golden eggs.


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