Stop Dreaming and Move #Literally


So I’m from a small town in the “boot” shaped state. *rolls eyes* I used to be in love with it until I went on this academic adventure in 2012 to Baltimore, Maryland.

[I notice I start my entries off with so quite often lol]

The best part about the travel was that we drove. I could tell you the story in detail because the actual best part is something that is extremely important to me, but I’ll save that for another day. ( I may have mentioned it in my ‘about the heroine’ post). Anyway, we stopped in a few cities on the way and my favorite was Virginia, Beach. I never experienced such a beautiful and friendly place! It was gorgeous and there was so much to do. Currently, I’m interning in Washington, DC as I write this and I love it out here. It’s such a breath of fresh air and there is literally something to do everyday. I’m about to go running Saturday at Roosevelt Island. That’s pretty fun considering we do not have anything exciting except Wal-Mart in my town. *rolls eyes again* It is so boring and I’m an adventurous individual. I love to keep myself busy because I have so many hobbies. The sad part about having many hobbies in a small town is that, you will most probably be the only one interested in building on those hobbies. There are not places to practice the dance that I’m interested in. There are no places nearby to go sightseeing. There aren’t even many good places to go window shopping. I have to drive twenty minutes to get to the nearest city and being in DC has made me realize that even that city isn’t what I’m looking for. So, I want to move to a place that suits me. I tell my parents all the time that they don’t belong in our town because they are so different and their abilities are being stifled. I want them to enjoy themselves while they still can considering what has happened (“What has happened” is in the about the heroine post). I feel so cheated because I believe that I could’ve been doing so much with my hobbies in the time that has passed. I go on YouTube and I’m just like, “Ooooh I want to do that!!” Yeah, well all I can do is dream because “that” is so far away, but wait! I could go to “that” if I move where “that” is. That seems pretty logical. You see, it’s not that my parents can’t move away, it’s the fact they are afraid to. Fear holds people back from making their dreams a reality. If you want to experience something then go experience it! You literally have one life to live and fear shouldn’t stop you from living it, especially if you want to live to do something good. I signed up for an internship in DC, got it and hopped on a plane. Following your dreams is not impossible if you actually make the effort and start moving.


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