Waiting on that Special Someone?



Yes, I love anime and the show above is My Little Monster. I think the couple above is so adorable! (-///-)/  At my age I’ve experienced a couple of romantic encounters, but nothing too serious. I’ve never had a boyfriend and I’m fine with that because going over all of the guys that I liked, I kind of want to slap myself. Ha! I’ve realized that my guy is somewhere doing something at this very moment. Those other guys were not for me which is why we didn’t work out. I’m saving myself for marriage, so that part of a relationship is not what I’m interested in. I want a guy that will be both my stud-muffin (x’D) and my best friend something like  Shizuku and Haru. I mean look at them. (*///*)~ He is nerdy and handsome at the same time and you may think, well duh, it’s an anime character. I’d like to consider myself an optimist and I believe that guys like this exist. We all have our special someone thinking the exact same thing that we’re thinking and they’re waiting on us just like we’re waiting on them. How on Earth do we meet them though? Well, there is a thing called patience and following your dreams. I believe that when you find something that you love to do and invest in that activity or project, your special someone will be somewhere in that vicinity because your interests are similar. People get personality and interests completely mixed up. Haru and Shizuku up there are super different in regard to their personality, but they’re both super smart and caring.

I don’t the guy version of me (although that would be nice and is it wrong that I would prefer him to be Caucasian with dark curly hair, glasses, and super smart?) because that is asking a bit much. I just want a guy with a similar heart. I believe that I have put myself in places where I will meet guys like that. The only way to do that is by doing what I love. I will start volunteering more and be a better philanthropist. It is quite simple you will meet party guy at a party most likely. You will most probably meet future politician on an internship. It gets more complicated when you’re looking for actual substance though. The thing is, you have to make yourself available to your special someone. He will never meet you if you stay away from him. It’s super hard for me to meet my guy since I have so many interests, but I think I’ve finally figured it out. I want a someone with a good heart who wants to help the world like me. If I just be good person and what I’m supposed to do as a good person, I’ll meet my guy being a good person somewhere (x’D). It may take a little time for your guy to notice you because he’ll most probably be super into doing whatever he is interested in, but if you continue to shine in your area, your paths will cross and the rest will be history (good history). \(^///^)/


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