Fear Should Never be an Excuse


Today made me realize that if I know that I am able to do something that I love, I should just go out and do it. There was an outside BBQ today and music was playing. There were only a few guests dancing and I love to dance. I was afraid to go and join because I was afraid of what the other guests would say. One of my favorite songs came on and I made my decision. I got out of my seat and headed over to the group. When I entered I immediately started having a ball. It was fun and a few more people joined after me. I’m actually not that bad of dancer and I have a few videos on YouTube and InstaGram, but this was different for me because this was informal and no one knew that side of me. I was happy in the end because I got other people to come out of their shell and we all had a great time together. I’ve gotten better at reacting situations like this one because when i was little younger, I most probably would have waited almost to the end.

Fear is a barrier in our lives and it is truly unnecessary. I find that most of our fear comes from what we feel others might say about us and the truth is, we all probably want to have fun, but we’re all letting the exact same fears control us. I will continue to keep saying that life is too short to let silly little thoughts stop us from enjoying our lives. Dancing at a BBQ or singing karaoke or anything like that is fun and I can’t believe that we allow our thoughts to keep us from doing fun activities like  the ones mentioned. If we stand up and face our fears then we could accomplish so much more in life because we would be able to go full force and put all our effort without creating limitations that we ourselves create. In order to be great, we must believe in ourselves 100%, which means if we have limiting fears, then we cannot be great. So, fight your fears and tell them that they will no longer be needed.


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