It’s OK to Stand Up for Yourself


I am not going to say all, but there are individuals out there who will take person’s kindness for granted. They could care less about how thy make others feel, yet they do not appreciate when someone treats them like they treat others. I used to have problems standing up for myself. It was hard because I never wanted to hurt someone’s feelings even though they would hurt mine. It took a long time for me to realize that I just they couldn’t take anymore of the unnecessary jokes and mocking and general meanness. I was not bothering those people, but they would emotionally attack me for no reason. It was bothersome and it made me not want to live to be honest. I wondered why kindness was so taboo. It was as if the golden rule was obsolete and no one followed it anymore. I decided that something had to be done. I was not going to be doormat and I was not going to let them walk all over me like one. When people would try to discreet with their hate, I would catch it and let them know that I caught it. They would put a shocked expression on their face and then I’d just smile. They thought I was stupid and had no common sense because I was soooo nice.

What they did not know about me was that I kept my anger bottled up because I was trying to be the bigger person. I realized that I could still stand up for myself and come out as the bigger person.

Standing up for yourself has so gives you so many personal benefits because it acts as a confidence booster and then you start to believe that you are capable of so much more. That is what is happening to me and I’m so excited! I am now starting to believe in myself and not hold myself back because of what others do to me. In order for them to leave me alone, I used to switch up my behavior and try to be boring so they wouldn’t notice me. That was a waste of time because sometimes people simply do not like you because you’re you. What God has given to you is yours and no one has the right to take what belongs to you whether it’s something like joy or an actual object. Enjoy your blessings, be you, and live the life that God gifted you.



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