Stop Dreaming and Move #Literally


So I’m from a small town in the “boot” shaped state. *rolls eyes* I used to be in love with it until I went on this academic adventure in 2012 to Baltimore, Maryland.

[I notice I start my entries off with so quite often lol]

The best part about the travel was that we drove. I could tell you the story in detail because the actual best part is something that is extremely important to me, but I’ll save that for another day. ( I may have mentioned it in my ‘about the heroine’ post). Anyway, we stopped in a few cities on the way and my favorite was Virginia, Beach. I never experienced such a beautiful and friendly place! It was gorgeous and there was so much to do. Currently, I’m interning in Washington, DC as I write this and I love it out here. It’s such a breath of fresh air and there is literally something to do everyday. I’m about to go running Saturday at Roosevelt Island. That’s pretty fun considering we do not have anything exciting except Wal-Mart in my town. *rolls eyes again* It is so boring and I’m an adventurous individual. I love to keep myself busy because I have so many hobbies. The sad part about having many hobbies in a small town is that, you will most probably be the only one interested in building on those hobbies. There are not places to practice the dance that I’m interested in. There are no places nearby to go sightseeing. There aren’t even many good places to go window shopping. I have to drive twenty minutes to get to the nearest city and being in DC has made me realize that even that city isn’t what I’m looking for. So, I want to move to a place that suits me. I tell my parents all the time that they don’t belong in our town because they are so different and their abilities are being stifled. I want them to enjoy themselves while they still can considering what has happened (“What has happened” is in the about the heroine post). I feel so cheated because I believe that I could’ve been doing so much with my hobbies in the time that has passed. I go on YouTube and I’m just like, “Ooooh I want to do that!!” Yeah, well all I can do is dream because “that” is so far away, but wait! I could go to “that” if I move where “that” is. That seems pretty logical. You see, it’s not that my parents can’t move away, it’s the fact they are afraid to. Fear holds people back from making their dreams a reality. If you want to experience something then go experience it! You literally have one life to live and fear shouldn’t stop you from living it, especially if you want to live to do something good. I signed up for an internship in DC, got it and hopped on a plane. Following your dreams is not impossible if you actually make the effort and start moving.


Never be Afraid to be Different

Golden Egg. Difference / uniqueness concept imageI used to think being different was a bad thing. I would try to fit in with the crowd and try my hardest to be something that I was not. Luckily my following days were only in middle school and I am so glad I was able to break free and never look back at a young age. It was difficult at first because no one really related to me and so I was often alone. (See my blog about being content with being alone )

I was not content at first and took some time for me to find happiness, but I do remember that when I dared to be different good things would always happen to me. I did what I believed was right and focused on what I loved instead of fitting a stereotype. I remember in middle school I tried to listen to rap music because that is what everyone was listening to.  I wasn’t really a fan, but that’s what was in. I often found myself thinking about the music that I actually liked which was rock music and then started to find individuals who listened to that type of music. It was weird that the those who listened to rock music did not accept me because I didn’t fit their stereotype. I was “supposed” to like and listen to rap music. When I tried to listen to rock music among the group that I was “actually supposed” to be with, they said I was not listening to the right music. So, both groups supported the stereotypes and I did not. Thus, I was left alone. I was little hurt, but more so confused because I did not understand their reasoning as to why I couldn’t listen to rock music. When I embraced what I loved and started to ignoring their judgement, I began to find out more about myself and what actually fit me. I was able to explore and find multiple hobbies that other people were not interested in because it did not fit their stereotype. I began acting and found an outlet for me to be myself. I received numerous awards for letting my “different” show. I always laugh on the inside because I realized that people thought I was acting when I was well acting. I was not. Ha. I was being my actual self and it turned out that stereotypes do not exist when you’re a character. It is entertainment and so no one cares about the real person, only the character.

After I stopped formally acting, I began to be exactly who I was as a character, which was myself, and to my surprise people left me alone once again. I wondered why were they so accepting when I was the same person when I was acting that I am now?

Fast forward to the present (I acted in high school), and I’m a college student who loves being different. I have realized people are afraid of different because those who dare to be different go on to do great things. Individuals who want to stick to a stereotype have trouble being different because they’ve allowed themselves to accept being followers even though they’d like to be leading. In other words they have trouble standing out because they feel like they’re not smart or talented or eye-catching enough. They become jealous of individuals who are good at being “different” because they want to be good at something too. I never meant to make anyone feel bad because I simply like being different because I am comfortable doing what I love. The stereotype peeps on the other hand will try to keep you from being different because they want what you have, yet they know they’ll never be your kind of different. Abraham Lincoln, JFK, and MLK were “different” leaders and look what happened. They ended up changing the world for the better and even though the jealous individuals ended their lives, their legacy lived on and has inspired more people to be “different.” Stay different and change the way society thinks today. The “different” that I am talking about is a way to bring love, peace, and acceptance into a society that does not want to lay golden eggs.

Being at Peace with being Alone


So I’ve realized that I do not fit in with crowds. I’ve tried multiple times, but my many interests actually seem to scare people away. I find myself never being bored because my hobbies are all quite fun. If I’m not drawing, I’m writing lyrics to a beat. If I’m not writing, I’m watching Anime. If I’m not watching anime, I’m singing. If I’m not singing, I’m studying, If I’m not studying, I’m skateboarding and well you get the point. Usually when I meet people they have one or two interests at most and so they tend to be around people with only those interests. I, on the other hand, try to spice up conversations about my interests and they can’t relate. Even if they can relate to at least one of my interests my conversation usually incorporates everything that I am passionate about. When I do that people tend to think that I am bragging about the things that I do. I dance and rap and drum and sing and blah blah blah. I’m sure they here blah blah blah when I am speaking. I am also a debater and pretty decent public speaker. I am writing all of my interests because I believe that maybe I can find people like me. I do not do these things because I want to brag, but because these interests kept me feeling happy. Before I found my hobbies, I stayed at home often when I was a child because my parents felt that I didn’t need to go visit many places. As I grew older I found that I was an introvert, but I did extroverted things. I’m pretty much fully at peace with who I am now. Even when I tried to mingle people often thought I was just a little too weird and I had trouble understanding why they thought that. I thought I was pretty funny, but apparently I was wrong. I’ve stopped caring about whether people accept me or not though because I have so much to do with so little time. I’ll find happiness through doing the things that I love. If you have trouble fitting in, it’s not because you do not belong. It is because you’re extremely unique and have so much to offer to the world.

What is a good topic to blog about?

So I’m still learning about blogging and what I’ve decided is that I want to make blogs that are completely factual. I get lazy and I sometimes become opinionated, but I seriously want to get better at this because blogging has so many benefits. It improves my writing ability and it causes me to think deeper. The only problem is that I am not sure how my thoughts will be judged. I do not want to blog about topics that purposefully cause division just for views or comments. I also do not want to sugarcoat issues just to get people to follow me. Blogging is hard and I was honestly afraid of starting this up because I thought that maybe it would be a waste of time. Blogging allows a person to express themselves and that is what I am doing. Sometimes doubt deep down within in me hopes that no one will ever read my posts because they may hate how I write or have a hateful comment. I have realized that I should not care what they feel about my self-expression. I have the right to write (ha) whatever I want and it really makes me wonder just how many people would actually jump on board with me?

ISIS: U.S. Government Creation?

image1So I am convinced that ISIS could have been somewhat partially created by the U.S. government under President Barack Obama’s administration. This thought came to mind because one day I was watching Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin on YouTube and we was answering questions the video is here -> Putin Tells Who Really Created ISIS

I was also informed that while the U.S. may not have made ISIS directly, their meddling with the middle east places some of the blame on them for causing individuals to form ISIS.

With all that is going on with the current investigation in regard to Russia, Comey, Sessions, and President Trump, I just find it odd that the media is really trying to keep sort of a negative distance from Russia. I honestly do not believe that the Russians had anything to do with the election. While we’ve had bad relations with Russia in the past, currently Russia’s president seems to be too bold to sugarcoat or lie about anything he says. When I was watching the video I noticed his demeanor which was extremely calm and normal. It’s as though he was just having a regular conversation about something that was not a big deal as if he was just saying something others already knew, but was afraid to say. So, why should we trust his words? Well, he isn’t the only person that has said ISIS was created by the United States government. I just revamped my twitter and changed my name to The Anomalous Heroine (you should definitely follow me on twitter so click the link if you’d like). The tweet that I have pinned to my profile is from CNN Breaking News which gives an article talking about how Iran’s Supreme leader calls out the U.S., like Putin, for creating ISIS and causing problems in the middle east. I have yet to do more research, but I bet these two individuals aren’t the only ones who believe this. What really got me thinking that ISIS was U.S. created was an article talking about many (fully functional) U.S. weapons were just lying around and ISIS just picked them up and KEPT them. That just seems a bit odd to me that U.S. government weapons would just be “coincidentally” left behind in an area where ISIS could just snatch them up. In my opinion, I believe those weapons were gifts. I will most probably write more about this, but what are your thoughts and also you can go read the article about the Iranian leader by going to my profile or CNN Breaking News.

The Rapping Politician

I’ve been a pretty artsy person for as long as I can remember. I could never sacrifice one thing that I loved for another. The reason why I discovered that I had so many hobbies was because I didn’t have many friends growing up. I was often inside and alone. My big sister is five years older than me, so she had friends to hang out with instead of being with her little sister. I was always a little strange though because I was interested in activities that people would find lame or weird. I grew watching anime and I remember I wanted to be a super saiyan. I know DBZ isn’t the most feminine anime in the world, but I enjoyed it. I looked up to Goku because of his purity and his desire to save the world at all costs. I know that is a little off topic, but I felt the need to say that. Anyway after I realized that my interests were not like the interests of my peers, I began finding even more activities that occupied my time. My big sister and her friends wanted to start a girl group in high school and i was in middle school. They were bout to graduate and I was in sixth grade. I remember they were working on a song and they had a few verses, but then they got writer’s block. I was listening to them struggle and I decided to write a little rap based off of how I was feeling that day. They didn’t want me to participate, but I went to them with my rap and I told them that it’s not the best, but it’s pretty good for my first time. My mom was in there and she laughed and told them to let me give it a shot. My rap was about a boy in middle school who thought he broke my heart, but in the rap I let him know that he wasn’t as big a deal as he thought. Since then, I’ve been growing as a rapper. As time went by, my “nerdiness” couldn’t help but show through my raps. In high school I wasn’t having the best luck fitting in, so I wrote a rap expressing my pain to God. I was a junior in high school and I performed a cover to Kendrick Lamar’s “Don’t Kill my Vibe.” I cried when I wrote because every rap that I write is true and literally what was on my heart at the time. I continued to write as though I was writing speeches and today my style has developed once again. I covered Kendrick Lamar’s (I love Kendrick Lamar if you couldn’t tell) Humble recently and somehow as I was writing my feelings in regard to politics just took over. I published it on SoundClick, SoundCloud, and YouTubev-for-vendetta-v-for-vendetta-34020686-1280-800Humble (Political Cover) under my alias “Lala Renee,” and hopefully while I’m in DC I will make a music video for it. I have no idea how this side of me will affect my career in the future, but I do know that rapping should not be some sort of taboo in regard to being a politician. Rapping is like reciting poetry and that’s basically what I do because I do not curse in any of my raps. They’re all well written and understandable. I hope that one day I can be that rapping politician who inspires the youth to make them see that you can still be intelligent and be a rapper.

FDR: Genius or Cold Blooded Murderer?

So, I would like to consider myself a conspiracy theorist and I gave a seminar on the JFK assassination not too long ago. I will most probably write about that as well, but for now let us discuss Franklin D. Roosevelt and a conspiracy theory that is just a piece of history that no one remembers. FDR did a great job of making people believe that the bombing of Pearl Harbor was shocking and unexpected. Well, FDR and those close to him knew what was coming………..index FDR (will finish soon).

Unleashing the Hero

Hello everyone, my name is Shalanda Renee Plowden. I’ve decided to create this blog because I believe that it is time for me to start exposing the hidden hate, lies, and hypocrisy that come from those who claim they care about us. It is time that I speak and not stay silent. These feelings have been buried within me for some time, but I believe it is now time to set those feelings free. I’ve been ridiculed and beaten down emotionally and mentally by those who hated me without just cause. Even those who knew how caring and loving of a person I was hated me for absolutely no reason at all. I am tired of keeping quiet because I believe that I can be a hero to those like me who also try to stay sane during painful times. I thought that I would be able to wait and just let God and time deal with those who hurt me, but God revealed to me that he did not give me a spirit of fear, but a spirit that is extremely powerful. I lost my little sister last year September 10, 2016 and when I lost her the chains that were keeping me from standing up for myself were loosened. My little sister was my inspiration and the reason I was able to keep calm when people mistreated me. She was an angel with Down Syndrome who gave me hope and a reason to continue living. I was so angry all of the time, but I disguised it well because I did not want to jeopardize a great future that I wanted my little sister to have. I have been unafraid to die for quite some time, but when Asia left me I simply didn’t care about trying not to offend someone for being a good person. I was going to be me and if someone did not approve of me I felt that they could go kick rocks. I am currently that way and I do not think that I will change. I am exhausted which means I do not have time to slow myself down for those who cannot keep up. I worked hard for everything I’ve received and people wanted me to stop being successful so they could rise above me. When I was naive, I thought I was supposed to be nice by letting them take their anger out on me because I couldn’t change who I was. Well, that side of me died when my sister did. Standing up for yourself is not mean or offensive. I will fight back but in a righteous manner (and in a PHYSICAL manner too if they try to get a little crazy because I am not the one). I believe that my mission is to fight for and uphold justice. I will stand up to all the bullies in this world. I am not afraid anymore and I would happily die in a heartbeat if it meant bringing peace to this world. Follow me so you too can join the fight against unnecessary hate and end it. I want to write and get those who are not just to become filled with kindness. I want to wake them up because it is time for the hate, cheating, lying, and everything else harming innocent people to end. I want to lead this fight against evil. I am the individual who will rise up.  I am the Anomalous Heroine.